Summer Camps for Children - Fun & Educational

Summer Camps for Schools and Students - Fun & Educational.

Jordan has an abundant array of idyllic locations and sites to serve the various needs of educational and research institutes. Ranging from school field trips to meet an investigative purpose of the ecological environments, to learning about unique geographical elevations and landscapes of the World, to visiting the past through the diverse historical hotspots. Jordan meets the needs of schools, universities and research facilities that are searching for that perfect mix of fun, beauty, and information.

Our educational expeditions:
- Trips to pursue research perfect for courses such as biology, ecological and environmental studies, geography, geology, and history.
- Archaeological digs (some sites require official permissions).
- Activities, each with the end result of offering inner harmony, self-discovery and personal growth, and the completion of the CAS requirements; together, we will guide our participants on unique excursions to teach them about cultural values, pushing their limits and taking risks, all the while nurturing their ability to become valuable global citizens.
- Help schools and students accomplish their goals and complete CAS hours and requirements while visiting all the magical places the Jordan has to offer.
- Deliver your objectives to involve students in new roles, by doing real tasks that have real consequences which will reflect on their experience later in life.
- Meet your needs by offering you a wide variety of programs and activities away from routine or repetitive work.