Nice to meet YOU

Nice to meet YOU !

I am George - "George of Arabia" - and I love JORDAN :-)
I was born in Romania, I love my country the most - but I love also Jordan, like a second wife :-)
My passion is traveling - I consider myself a Globe-Trotter - in my life I have traveled in many~many countries, but when I visited Jordan I fell in love with this Country...!

Jordan is a tourism treasure box, where history and modernity intertwine, has plenty beautiful and magnificent places/sites to discover and explore, which will delight, dazzle and enchant you, all together make Jordan the most beautiful and secure Arab country from Middle East !

If you too want to discover this wonderful country - I'll be your friend in Jordan.I want to organize your whole journey in Jordan, I will be your personal guide in this adventure.

Ahlan wa Sahlan = Wellcome to Jordan = You are most welcome !

Want to taste fine cuisine, enjoy Arab fusion music and shop in neighborhood shops? Come to Amman, where fabulous restaurants beckon, the arts scene is vibrant and funky markets are the new meeting places. Come wander through Jabal Amman or down town, and learn more about the history of this city, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the World.

If you want to relax and unwind, the Dead Sea is the place for you, with its selection of hotels and spas at 405 meters below sea level. There is something magical about bobbing in the salty waters, knowing that it's impossible for you to sink. Or maybe it's that spa treatments that await you at the lowest point on earth.

If your tastes run more to water sports, Aqaba will meet your needs, with its coral reefs and excellent diving.

Come find your wild side at one of the nature reserves run by the RSCN (The Royal Society for The Conservation of Nature) and Wild Jordan. Go for a day hike from the Ajloun reserve to Ajloun castle, or dine by candlelight at Wadi Feynan's eco-lodge. Watch the birds at Azraq reserve, the oryx at Shaumari or hike to Nabataean ruins in Wadi Dana. Maybe you'll spy some ibex at Wadi Mujib. Regardless of the adventure you choose, you'll have a great time!

Wander through the mists of time. Whether your tastes run to Roman ruins like Jerash, abandoned cities like Umm Al-Jimal, the Umayyad desert castles or the fortresses of Karak, Shobak and Ajloun, the past is very present in Jordan. Religious pilgrimage sites like Mount Nebo or the tomb of Zeid ibn al-Haritha, the Prophet's adopted son (PBUH), have drawn visitors for centuries.

Petra, just named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, will take your breath away. With its Siq, carved by earthquakes out of solid rock, giving way to the first glimpse of the manmade Treasury, it is a sight not to be missed, either by day or on the Petra by Night tour. The rose-red city, and the spectacular views of Wadi Araba from the various high places, will haunt you until you return again and again.

Ride a camel in Wadi Rum, the Valley of the Moon. The silence of the desert will still your soul, and you'll come to a new appreciation for the people who traveled and lived here before cars and trucks. The beauty of the desert will amaze you, as will the surprises around every corner.

Meet the people: Jordanians are some of the most hospitable people on earth. Bargain in Al-Balad (down town), shop for rugs in Madaba, share a glass of tea with your guide in Wadi Rum. You won't forget the kindness you'll be shown.

Ahlan wa Sahlan = Wellcome to Jordan = You are most welcome !

I know what does it mean a 5-Star Tourism, it's : JOY & RESPECT & QUALITY.
I do not sell vacations, I organize unforgettable happy stories in Jordan !

Let's write together your Story in JORDAN !

George of Arabia
Mobile Phone: +40.740.171.025


Tourism is my passion and I am International Travel Guide – recognized by the Ministry of Tourism from Romania.

Travel Guide in Jordan :
George of Arabia : I LOVE Jordan ! In my opinion, Jordan is the No.1 Country in the World as a tourist destination.
In life you get what you give: so much and sincere I LOVE Jordan that God give to me my beautiful wife - Maram - from JORDAN :-)

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George – the Romanian HUNTER: I invite all Hunters around the world for a dream time HUNTING in Romania : fabulous Hunting expedition in the wilds of Romania, tasty food, good wine, party every night, everything packed as a Luxury Tourism ~ HUNTING in Romania.

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