Hotels in Jordan

Hotels in Jordan

MA'IN Hot Springs

Ma'in Hot Springs - Resort & Spa |

A very~very special place [kter helwe - in arabic words] in Jordan is Ma'in - hot springs - something extraordinary ... of course it is like this and I'm not exaggerating because we are speak about one work of God, a landscape carved in the stones by the divine hand...this view will delight your eyes ...immediately you will be excited and full of emotions... you will be impressed...dazzle and wonderstruck by what you see ...a place neighboring to the holy places ... from here you can see Jerusalem; Ma'in is a place guarded by rocky mountains where only the Bedouins live and herding their goats and sheep on the steep mountain slopes and ridges...down in the valley awaits the Dead Sea ... not far away it is Al-Maghtas, the holy place of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River - who is flowing and serpenting alongside Ma'in...and somewhere up to one summit you can look with fear at the Mount of Temptations of Jesus... Besides all this, the most important - about Ma'in we can say that it is the place where God hit the rocks, like Moses with his stick, to bring out from the depths on the surface hot water ... thermal water ...good water I may say, because this water is medical treatment for skin ... body ... muscle ... and even mind and soul, since once you enter in this miraculous water... that falls down from up spectacularly like a waterfall from will embrace peace ... the body will be rest and calm himself... you will feel all your senses ... that means even your soul feels good here also ... your mind will relax ... you will be without stress and all the bad thoughts will fall apart ... your conscience will be free and want to dialogue with God, you look up to Heaven and start to thank God for blessing you to get here ...

Some clever people, because of their work only like this I can characterize them - SMART, they made/build a Hotel here - Ma'in Hot Springs Resort & Spa - and in this project we can see also that they have love and fear of God, because it is about one humble concept in Turism/Building...not opulent/luxurious, but very elegant - 5 Star.. .that proves for all of us we can do/build something elegant without being necessarily fancy or grandiose or very big or very tall ... because they wanted their intervention here - in the God work - to be a good thing ... for the benefit of the people , with the consent/blessing of God, without which no one can do anything ... Ma'in is a 5-Star Hotel, which is perfectly integrated into the landscape ... this is actually the mark of this hotel ... peace and harmony ...bring antiquity and present all together in a nice combination between old and modernity...a journey in time from past to present ... call for us to not forgetting where we come from ... what is our history of people ...humanity... of these places ... archaism brought to modernity ... all furniture is handmade in wood...all the design enveloped in romanticism and the charm of Arab stories ... warm lights all over ... everywhere wood and stone ... handmade carpets ...Arab instrumental music so beautiful/chill-out in the is like you will living Scheherazade library-room with chandeliers, full with good books, invite you to read in this time dominated by smart phones mobile ... this hotel guides you to the culture ... invites you to rediscover yourself again... not stay only on Facebook - BRAVO ! Rooms overlooking a paradise waterfall hot springs... with so hot water from which steam comes out even in summer, green grass and palm trees in a place so isolated and wild ... The Restaurants will be waiting for you at the table with the most delicious Arabic dishes ... here I guarantee you will eat the most delicious food ... everyone smiles ... everyone invites you to enjoy life ... to be cheerful ... to be happy ... everyone treats you personally ... friendly ... speaks and loves you, in fact this is the essence of Tourism in Jordan: LOVE, here everything is beautifully offered to you with LOVE and RESPECT , the interest financial is not the first, sure it exist obvious but follows after many more ... jordanian people do not love for money, they love because they love! Love is a gift from God, and Jordan has been blessed with much love!

Ma'in - a place created by God, taken care of by wonderful people ... a place where you will relax your body and calm the soul, one unique place in the world with peace and love !

Shukran Ma'in Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.


Intercontinental - Aqaba |

Intercontinental - the most beautiful Hotel from the world's most beautiful sea ~ Red Sea / Aqaba Golf - Jordan. Intercontinental - Aqaba - a place where you will feel GREAT ... WONDERFUL ... AMAZING - guaranteed ; from the moment you enter in this hotel you feel a joy in the heart ... you arrived ... that feeling of delight and eagerness at the same time ... everything you see around you is beautiful and you automatically enter into the relaxing holiday atmosphere ... Modern design in romantic style ... exotic flowers ... one fountain purl its water to your ear and cools the air ... the marble and the stone are the carpet that you are walking ... everything is clean ... everything is impeccably organized. ... with good taste ... wide spaces which give you a feeling of freedom to mind and soul... you start to de-stress ... your mind frees you from the current life problems ... and at Reception you are received with smiles, personal staff is warm and loving with you, consider you a friend visiting them and they expect you to serve you with the most beautiful holiday at sea !

Arrived in your Room - this is surely on your taste, a 5-Stars Hotel with 5-Stars Rooms , any expectation is overfulfilled, and the top view from the balcony - each one with sea view - is breathtaking: you have in front of your eyes magnificent Red Sea - shining...brilliant...colorful into a blue-azure boundless, caressing with its waves a corner of paradise: one beautiful beach with fine sand ... which extends with the extraordinary amenities from the hotel ... fantastic beautiful pools surrounded by palm trees and lush plants ... white beach canopies to rest at the the breeze of the sea ... everything is comfortable and made available to you ... to enjoy the sun ... to tan ... to admire sunrise and sunset ... Breakfast - delicious (zaki - in Arabic word), all juices are natural, lunch - delicious, and dinner can serve it in a romantic private atmosphere ... with life music ... with oriental dances ... belly dance ... a romantic atmosphere with Arabic perfume :-) The Red Sea is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, offering some of the most colorful sea life anywhere, therefore Aqaba - is the best choice in the world for diving and snorkeling, it deserves its reputation as being the heaven of divers ... Thank you Intercontinental - Aqaba - for everything...for a dream stay in your Hotel !

I will never forget this trip to your hotel, in 2018 - on my birthday - 37 years - I was engaged with the most beautiful woman from Jordan - Maram - love of my life, now my dear Wife !

Shukran Intercontinental - Aqaba, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.


Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp |

Wadi Rum is something incredible, one unique place in the world ... in my opinion the most beautiful and extraordinary destination in Jordan ... a landscape that only living it and seeing it through your eyes can be perceived as real ... although when you're here, you always wonder yourself if you dream or not ... no picture can render/express the greatness of this place ... a grandiose space boundless even with the look ... you have the feeling that you are walking through the Universe ... here you can feel - as much as the human mind can understand - what is the meaning of greatness of the Universe ... the infinity ... seems you are in another world ... on another Planet ... it is also called "the Valley of the Moon" ... I guarantee you will be full with emotions once you enter through this gate towards Universe bring down by God in this place on Earth ... it's like a movie set with decoration from the Universe ... created by the "director" God for people to see with their eyes also a unearthly landscape ... a small corner from the infinite Universe ... everything it seems to you huge ... you have the feeling that you are also a grain of sand ... you will be fascinated by everything you see ... this series of valleys covered in softly colored sand, punctuated by huge, imposing, fantastically shaped mountains (jabals), is one of the most memorable destinations in Jordan; it's true - as in the case of Lawrence of Arabia - here you can find solace in the isolation of Wadi Rum ... here you will be able to listen the silence of the desert ... one mute sound which will relax your mind and load the soul with positive energy ... Rum still rewards visitors today with peace and unceasing beauty.

At night you can admire the most beautiful clear sky with the moon and its stars ... drink a tea and warm up close to the Bedouins fire ... stretch your hand to sky and you can reap a star ... the Universe is closer to Wadi Rum ... the Universe reflect itself in Wadi Rum !

The most beautiful resort ... camp ... of Wadi Rum is Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp; in this magnificent place from Jordan - Wadi Rum - we can not talk about Hotels, because the Jordanians have respected the nature ... the greatness of God's creation ... all places of accommodation fits into the landscape ... so in Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp you can sleep in the Tent - if you want to feel and live the Bedouin's archaic life or in Igloo - if you want to live like in a science-fiction film/movie, a special holiday on the Moon or Mars ... in your bed you fall asleep looking at the sky full with stars ... and the moon will light your room through the transparent walls and roof of the igloo ...

I felt wonderful in Wadi Rum - hosted by the Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp , I slept in a tent with all the necessary equipment ... 5 star conditions ... impeccable cleaning ... a bed like a canopy for one Arab prince with his wives :-) ... en-suite bathroom ... air conditioning during the day ... delicious food ... served in a familiar and cozy setting ... the staff is careful with you and fulfills all your wishes ... request ... with joy ... with smile on the face and sincere love ... in the evening a romantic atmosphere ... you can drink one hot mint tea and smoke narghile close to a fire that warms your heart only looking at it ... many lamps lead your way ... as the flame flashes in them ... so your heart enjoys ...

You can never forget the moments spent in Wadi Rum ... they are filled with emotions and unprecedented experiences ... new feelings ... Wadi Rum will always ask you to come back here !

Shukran Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.


Movenpick Nabatean Castle |

Movenpick Nabatean Castle - Picturesque Petra hotel with Rift Valley views in Jordan. Renovated in 2018, explore the magnificent Red Rose City of Petra from an elevated fortress-style hotel in the rolling hills of the captivating Rift Valley. Mövenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel is a 10-minute drive from the historic site of Petra. Enjoy the free minibar in our 90 renovated rooms and suites, with balconies and terraces that face the striking landscape. After a day of discovery and exploration at Petra, relax in the heated indoor pool. In summer, we open the windows and offer access to the terrace. Relish sumptuous Jordanian specialities and international fare at the restaurant, bar and outdoor terraces. Meeting rooms are available for events.

Shukran Movenpick Nabatean Castle, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.


Grand Millennium - Amman Hotel |

Grand Millennium - Amman - a hotel that resembles with the Arabic perfume: elegance, refinement, grandeur, emotions and feelings of pleasure, you feel good in this modern hotel, imposing by its tasteful luxury !

About Grand Millennium - Amman - I can say that everything is superlative , it deserves the name it carries. The hotel - a huge nice building, stylish design, that can be seen from any place in Amman, where you are staying - you will never miss coming back :-) Hotel Amenities: Concierge; Business Centre; Spa; Pool; Gym; On-Site Parking; Airport Shuttle. LOBBY AREA - something fabulous! Guest Rooms - impeccable rooms , any expectation is overfulfilled, nothing is missing, you feel comfortable and cozy ! Dining area - gorgeous and welcoming , you will eat the most delicious food from Amman ! SKY LOUNGE - admire from "heaven" the most beautiful view of Amman in the most beautiful Café-place, drinking the most tasteful Arabian coffee with cardamom ! This Hotel has the finest stylish Bars, Clubs and Meeting Rooms! Leisure area - Spa & Pool & Gym - fantastic amenities , waiting for you to relax ! The staff - a wonderful team of people who will receive you with love , will smile and solve whatever you ask for, you are treated with love and much care! Grand Millennium - 5-star hotel in Amman city center, located at the gateway to Jordan offers 5-star luxury at an unbeatable location.

Shukran Grand Millennium - Amman, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.


Kempinski Ishtar |

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar - is probably the most beautiful hotel in the world, certainly from Jordan, guaranteed the best choice from Dead Sea / Jordan; all that makes up this name - Kempinski - is something FABULOS ... a dream place ... truly when you get here you do not know if you dream or live the reality of your most sublime moments of all the trips you have in your life ... a journey from Home to Heaven ... a landscape that you can not see as real unless you see it with your eyes ... a journey in the time between Babylon and present ...

Everything is at the superlative level ... the buildings that provide accommodation give you the Fortress of Babylon ... so in this case for this Hotel we can not rating him like 5-Star ... because it would be unfair or too little appreciation ... maybe one word would be more edifier: LUXURY; restaurants are impeccable ... great design, so delicious food you want to taste all ... staff treats you like you are a king with your queen in visit ... everyone smiles and wants to be sure you feel well ... that you are happy in this really great hotel ... you are welcomed at the table by the cook chef ... the waiter is careful with you in the smallest details to serve you impeccably ... every food has a story ... an origin of its ... arabic food ... international food ... thai food ...

Your relaxation is a mission for Kempinski, here you will be able to charge your soul with positive energy through the love that you will receive from all the staff ... but also your body will indulge in the most beautiful SPA ... after that you can swim in the pools ... who looking at them they are extended in the sea ... in this wilderness everything is built like a green oasis with azure waters and palm trees ... you will see the Gardens of Babylon with your eyes ... now they are your Gardens ... and at the end a beach that caress your feet leads you at the Dead Sea waiting for you to enjoy the most salty water in the world ... you can read your newspaper floating on the surface ... you will have the miraculously mud to treat and spoil your skin ... you're starting to wonder how many nights you have left ... because you would like time to expand ... to flow slowly :-)

I felt great in this hotel - Kempinski it is UNIQUE in the world - I received more than attention ... I received LOVE ... Kempinski you conquered me ... and honestly me too I declare my love and my respect forever for you !

Shukran Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.

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