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I know what does it mean a 5-Star Tourism, it's : JOY & RESPECT & QUALITY.
I do not sell vacations, I organize unforgettable happy stories in Jordan !

Let's write together your Story in JORDAN !

George of Arabia
Mobile Phone: +40.740.171.025


Tourism is my passion and I am International Travel Guide – recognized by the Ministry of Tourism from Romania.

Travel Guide in Jordan :
George of Arabia : I LOVE Jordan ! In my opinion, Jordan is the No.1 Country in the World as a tourist destination.
In life you get what you give: so much and sincere I LOVE Jordan that God give to me my beautiful wife - Maram - from JORDAN :-)

HUNTING in Romania :
George – the Romanian HUNTER: I invite all Hunters around the world for a dream time HUNTING in Romania : fabulous Hunting expedition in the wilds of Romania, tasty food, good wine, party every night, everything packed as a Luxury Tourism ~ HUNTING in Romania.

Travel Guide in Romania :
George – Travel Guide in Romania: Come to visit Romania ~ the most Beautiful Country in the World ~ presented to Tourists in 5 Star Services !

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