Camping with the Bedouins

Deep in the remote deserts of southern Jordan, not far from the border with Saudi Arabia, lies Wadi Rum one of the world's most stunning natural wonders. Nicknamed - " The Valley of the Moon " or " The Grand Canyon of the Middle East ", the rugged desert area covers 720 square kilometers and comprises geographical wonders from narrow gorges to towering cliffs and massive caverns.

The most famous foreigner to traverse through Wadi Rum, and put this desert on the world map, was British army officer T.E. Lawrence. Imortalized by Peter O'Toole in the 1962 movie "Lawrence of Arabia", fittingly parts of the Hollywood classic were filmed in the area.

But long before Hollywood celebrities and tourists descended on this UNESCO World Heritage site, its red sands have, for centuries, been the home of nomadic Bedouin shepherds ; with scorching sunshine by day, cold winds at night and little to no water, the Bedouins' desert life has been all about survival.

Famed for their hospitality, the Bedouins often invite visitors to their tent homes to share mint tea or cardamom coffee, while sitting by the fire under a starry night sky.

It is the most beautiful expedition and experience in Jordan - in my personal opinion ! In my country (Romania), during my childhood I grew up in the country-side...with my grandparents (which I loved so much !!! always it comes to me to cry longing them), that's why - naturally - I have an intense feeling to love the Bedouins !

The Bedouins are the people with the purest souls...they have a special kindness...they are simple people but they have honor and dignity; when you come into contact with them right away they will smile to you, you will feel immediately the goodness in their heart, because the Bedouins are people with a big heart, always with the smile on the face, always nice to you ! These people must be respected, supported and helped: we must not forget that the Bedouins - raising their animals in a natural environment - are the people who offer us the most natural/bio food !

For them the joy stay in simple things...that we - "modern people" - must learn too ! I ask you honestly: what can be more beautiful than sleeping in a bedouin tent, lying down between dozens of pillows, eating like the Arabs - down with the ass right on the ground :-) - the best delicious bio/natural food, drinking one mint tea under the starry night sky, smoke a hookah/shisha while listening to a traditional Jordanian music playing instrumental and by a Bedouin's voice !?! Early in the morning, the coffee is prepared on fire in the sand...the smell and the aroma of cardamom will wake up all your senses...then we're sitting on the camels and start wandering the Wadi Rum desert...

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