Ma'in - hot springs

Nothing compares to the DIVINE Creation: everything God has done is PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL , we give glory and thanks to the good God ... [Al-hamdulillah!] ... because He gave us this truly wonderful Planet - the Earth - in which He placed us to live ... from here to open the gate to PARADISE, if we prove Him each one and all together that we are worthy to help us to save our soul for living then the eternal life with Him; God is GREAT in everything , boundless in GREAT ... [ Allahu Akbar! ] ... GREAT Creator ... GREAT Lover of people ... GREAT in Smart and Wise ... GREAT Artist ... GREAT and only GREAT in anything and everything ... an example for us to follow Him for each domain of our activity; GREAT Artisan ... how beautiful He knead the Earth ... to whom gave him the Sun, Moon and the Sky full with the Stars ... what a beautiful decor He did for the Earth to light us !! GREAT Painter ... how beautiful He was able to paint the lands of the Earth ... every country with its colors... its breadth and its blessings ... its gifts ... some countries have so many colors ... as it is Romania - named The Garden of the Virgin Mary ~ Mother of Jesus Christ; Some countries look like they're carved ... GREAT Sculptor is God - for example, if we talk about Jordan, here it looks like God lingered more time... His love and attention are seen when he carved this Country ... immediately you feel how the divine hand carved in the stone this country ... finally making it such a beautiful masterpiece ... a place where He sent even his beloved Son - Jesus Christ - to live for a while and to pass through here for bless these beautiful places the end we all have a Country - now called JORDAN - so beautiful, so warm in the souls of people ... a country where PEACE is at home ... their well-known salute between people being [Salam Aleikum!] that translates [Peace to you!] ... a country where when you visit her - the people from here to any minute they will wish to you [Ahlan wa Sahlan = You are most welcome !] these words are like a prayer to God spoken for you ... in fact, all the Arabs' dialogue is based on words, expressions and prayers addressed to God for you ... for your peace ... for your health ... [Yatikilafia!] From now on we must think brotherly...all humans have together this Earth ... that's why all people on Earth have to care and love all countries ! Jordan is a country where Tourism is based primarily on the LOVE of receiving people... then you have for visit some truly miraculous places ... something only God could do ... something natural and stable and unfailing...something that has always been beautiful and always will be beautifull, because what is natural does not grow old...the nature regenerates itself always and always ... the nature lives ... there is no dead nature ... even the stones live ... not to mention trees, plants and flowers ... everything we see around us carries the divine breath of God, [ God is GREAT ! ~ Allahu Akbar ! ]

A very~very special place [kter helwe - in arabic words] in Jordan is Ma'in - hot springs - something extraordinary ... of course it is like this and I'm not exaggerating because we are speak about one work of God, a landscape carved in the stones by the divine hand...this view will delight your eyes ...immediately you will be excited and full of emotions... you will be impressed...dazzle and wonderstruck by what you see ...a place neighboring to the holy places ... from here you can see Jerusalem; Ma'in is a place guarded by rocky mountains where only the Bedouins live and herding their goats and sheep on the steep mountain slopes and ridges...down in the valley awaits the Dead Sea ... not far away it is Al-Maghtas, the holy place of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River - who is flowing and serpenting alongside Ma'in...and somewhere up to one summit you can look with fear at the Mount of Temptations of Jesus... Besides all this, the most important - about Ma'in we can say that it is the place where God hit the rocks, like Moses with his stick, to bring out from the depths on the surface hot water ... thermal water ...good water I may say, because this water is medical treatment for skin ... body ... muscle ... and even mind and soul, since once you enter in this miraculous water... that falls down from up spectacularly like a waterfall from will embrace peace ... the body will be rest and calm himself... you will feel all your senses ... that means even your soul feels good here also ... your mind will relax ... you will be without stress and all the bad thoughts will fall apart ... your conscience will be free and want to dialogue with God, you look up to Heaven and start to thank God for blessing you to get here ...

Some clever people, because of their work only like this I can characterize them - SMART, they made/build a Hotel here - Ma'in Hot Springs Resort & Spa [ | ] - and in this project we can see also that they have love and fear of God, because it is about one humble concept in Turism/Building...not opulent/luxurious, but very elegant - 5 Star.. .that proves for all of us we can do/build something elegant without being necessarily fancy or grandiose or very big or very tall ... because they wanted their intervention here - in the God work - to be a good thing ... for the benefit of the people , with the consent/blessing of God, without which no one can do anything ... Ma'in is a 5-Star Hotel, which is perfectly integrated into the landscape ... this is actually the mark of this hotel ... peace and harmony ...bring antiquity and present all together in a nice combination between old and modernity...a journey in time from past to present ... call for us to not forgetting where we come from ... what is our history of people ...humanity... of these places ... archaism brought to modernity ... all furniture is handmade in wood...all the design enveloped in romanticism and the charm of Arab stories ... warm lights all over ... everywhere wood and stone ... handmade carpets ...Arab instrumental music so beautiful/chill-out in the is like you will living Scheherazade library-room with chandeliers, full with good books, invite you to read in this time dominated by smart phones mobile ... this hotel guides you to the culture ... invites you to rediscover yourself again... not stay only on Facebook - BRAVO ! Rooms overlooking a paradise waterfall hot springs... with so hot water from which steam comes out even in summer, green grass and palm trees in a place so isolated and wild ... The Restaurants will be waiting for you at the table with the most delicious Arabic dishes ... here I guarantee you will eat the most delicious food ... everyone smiles ... everyone invites you to enjoy life ... to be cheerful ... to be happy ... everyone treats you personally ... friendly ... speaks and loves you, in fact this is the essence of Tourism in Jordan: LOVE, here everything is beautifully offered to you with LOVE and RESPECT , the interest financial is not the first, sure it exist obvious but follows after many more ... jordanian people do not love for money, they love because they love! Love is a gift from God, and Jordan has been blessed with much love!

Ma'in - a place created by God, taken care of by wonderful people ... a place where you will relax your body and calm the soul, one unique place in the world with peace and love !

Shukran Ma'in Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Al-hamdulillah Allah ! George of Arabia.

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